Armagnac Fitte et Laterrade

In the heart of the Gers, a new rising star of armagnac is making its appearance: Fitte & Laterrade. The fruit of the collaboration between Vincent Laterrade, a sommelier with a passion for the noble Gascon eau-de-vie, and the Fitte family, skilled winemakers at Château de Herrebouc. Located in the ancestral 15th-century Moulin de Laumet, this unique cellar reveals treasures of vintage armagnacs, timeless testimonies to years of distillation.

Passion and authenticity are the watchwords that drive Vincent. For over two decades, he has been ardently hunting for dormant armagnacs, seeking that perfect harmony between quality and truth. As Christian Millau so aptly put it: " Armagnac can't be bought, it has to be hunted ".

The Fitte & Laterrade credo: pure, unadulterated, vintage armagnacs, straight from the barrel. Each bottle is an ode to Gascony, bottled without prior manipulation, reflecting the very essence of the region. Every element, from bottle to label to wax, is sourced locally, celebrating craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Armagnac and Nature: one can't go without the other. As Vincent points out, each armagnac is the product of a multitude of natural variables, from climate to Gascony oak. Fitte & Laterrade 's mission is not to propose a universal armagnac, but to guide each connoisseur towards the one that speaks to him most, inviting him to create his own "armagnathèque", just as one builds up a precious library.

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