Domaine de pellehaut

The Domaine de Pellehaut vineyard, perched on majestic hillsides at an altitude of over 180 m, stands out for its exceptional terroir, which enjoys optimum sunshine and natural protection from the Pyrenees mountains. This geographical location ensures moderate summer rainfall, which is essential for the vines.

The name "Pellehaut" has its origins in Roman and medieval pila. Mosaics discovered in Séviac, two kilometers from the estate, bear witness to the millennia-old presence of vines here, dating back to Roman times.

Run today by Martin and Mathieu BERAUT, two passionate brothers, the vineyard is at the heart of a farming operation that preserves the natural balance and traditional methods established by their predecessor, Gaston Béraut. This Gascony-style polyculture combines vineyards, cattle breeding and cereal crops, reflecting a rich family history spanning four centuries.

Over the years, the estate has undergone profound changes. In the 1950s, Gaston Béraut, armed with his knowledge of agronomy, took over the reins of the family estate. The estate subsequently doubled in size to 300 ha, including 50 ha dedicated to vines. This expansion diversified the terroir and ensured abundant water resources for vines and livestock. During this period, Gaston also initiated the distillation of his wines to produce Armagnac.

The winegrowing adventure intensified in the 1980s with the launch of Côtes de Gascogne wines. Since then, the estate has continued to evolve, thanks in particular to the involvement of Martin and Mathieu, whose childhood is intrinsically linked to the rows of vines at Pellehaut.

In the heart of the Armagnac region, Pellehaut is proud of its Ténarèze terroir. Compared to other regions such as Bas Armagnac, Ténarèze offers robust, powerful eaux-de-vie, a reflection of its clay soils. Traditional vinification and distillation, combined with the use of grape varieties such as ugni-blanc and folle blanche, give Pellehaut Armagnac an exceptional smoothness and finesse, recognized worldwide.

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