Armagnac Laubade

Château de Laubade nestled in the heart of Sorbets, in the Gers, is a veritable ode to the richness of Bas Armagnac. Founded in 1870, this 105-hectare estate has been under the aegis of the Lesgourgues family for three generations, with Denis, Jeanne and Arnaud at the helm, continuing the quest for perfection.

This illustrious wine estate, evoking over 150 years of history, was once home to such luminaries as French statesman Joseph Noulens and fashion designer Jeanne Paquin. The Château is an elegant marriage of timeless tradition and modernity.

Today, the Lesgourgues family produces legendary armagnacs, the fruit of artisanal know-how coupled with a spirit of innovation and eco-responsibility. Their technique involves distilling unsulphured white wines immediately after fermentation, in their unique "armagnacais" still built in 1974.

The "simple continuous distillation" process is carried out variety by variety, including Baco, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard, under the meticulous guidance of the Maître de Chai. The harmony between wine and alcohol vapors is perfectly revealed in the column, aiming for a rich organoleptic palette.

Excellence also lies in patience. Maurice Lesgourgues' vision called for long maturation before bottling to guarantee unrivalled quality. The wine is aged in nearly 3,000 420-liter barrels, with relentless attention to detail, guaranteeing exemplary traceability.

This magnificent château, guardian of Gascon tradition, also places innovation at the heart of its philosophy, with the reintroduction of indigenous grape varieties and the audacity of original affinages. The Lesgourgues family is thus shaping the Armagnac of the future, rooted in respect for the environment and the passion of the men and women who contribute to its production.

Château de Laubade the Lesgourgues family, with its vast vineyards on the hillsides of Bas Armagnac, is a symbol of excellence and heritage, where tradition and innovation meet to create Armagnacs renowned the world over.

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