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Plaisirs de Gascogne

Specialist in Armagnac, Plaisirs de Gascogne offers a wide range of quality products. With more than 700 references in stock, the shop offers you an aromatic journey to the heart of Gascony. Are you looking for a bottle of Armagnac to give as a gift or to taste? Vintage or Out of age for tasting, come and discover the best eaux-de-vie directly from the production cellars. Guaranteed crush for our tasting spirits

Armagnac XO

The Armagnac XO , or Armagnac Extra Old, offers a smooth and elegant eau-de-vie. Fruit of a blend of eaux-de-vie of at least 10 years of age, this Armagnac offers a refined and complex tasting.

Vintage Armagnac

Very high-end from the Armagnacs family, Vintage Armagnac is the pure fruit of the distillation of a single harvest on a single estate. Symbol of elegance, the vintage Armagnac bottle is displayed as an exceptional gift.

Brût de fût

If we are committed to ensuring that wine is nectar affordable for all, our cellars also include many Grands Crus. For a gift, on special occasions or simply for the pleasure of discovering a Domaine, a Château, a winegrower: our selection of Grands Crus from all over France will surprise you!


Our winegrowers tend to increasingly offer wines produced under environmentally friendly methods: organic production, biodynamic farming, natural wines… Eager to support this sustainable approach, we offer a broad range of those wines. To all those who are already seduced and for the more curious... Follow the guide!

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