Armagnac Clés des Ducs

Nestled in the heart of Panjas, in the Gers,Clés des Ducs Armagnac is the embodiment of a centuries-old tradition enriched by the ongoing expertise of its cellar masters. The recent transition from Philippe Lézama to Jérome Zadro marks a new era, while preserving the heritage and methods for which the estate is renowned.

Clés des Ducs Armagnac, mainly made from Ugni Blanc grapes, is renowned for its distinctive character. The distillation process follows tried-and-tested methods, favoring moderate to light barrel toasting to bring out the nuances of the fruit. The practice of limiting ageing in new oak barrels underlines a quest for purity and authentic expression of grape variety and terroir.

Unique terroir and fruit expression

The estate extends over Panjas, Maupas and Estang, benefiting from a tawny sand terroir that imbues the eaux-de-vie with an inimitable signature. This attention to detail is reflected in an approach that excludes any sweetening or coloring, guaranteeing the transparency and integrity of every bottle produced.

Tasting: an invitation to a sensory voyage

Clés des Ducs Armagnac offers a range that celebrates the diversity and richness of aromas, from VS to XO. Each cuvée, benefiting from a specific bonificateur, is a testament to the estate's mastery and passion for revealing taste profiles that privilege fruit and finesse. Spicy, fruity and slightly woody nuances invite sensory exploration, reflecting the estate's commitment to preserving a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.

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