Armagnac delord

Discover Armagnac Delord, an elixir born of the expertise of a passionate family line. The story begins with Prosper Delord, an itinerant distiller in 1893, who traveled from farm to farm, transforming white wine into precious Armagnac. His legacy was carried on by his sons, Gaston and Georges, who founded the Maison d'Armagnac Delord Frères in Lannepax, establishing the brand as one of the biggest names in Armagnac, with expansion as far afield as the United States.

The torch has been passed from generation to generation: Jacques and Pierre, then Sylvain and Jérôme, continue to glorifyArmagnac Delord worldwide. In 2020, this latest duo honored the family history by taking over Galaubas, an ancestral Delord estate, and venturing into organic Armagnac production.

Today, Maison Delord covers 55 hectares, passionately cultivating the four traditional Armagnac grape varieties: ugni-blanc, colombard, folle-blanche and baco. In the winery, each grape variety is treated with care, from pressing to vinification, under the expert guidance of Sylvain Delord. The distillery, located in Lannepax, is unique in its kind, practicing both continuous distillation, the signature of Armagnac, and double toasting, thus enriching their range. Ageing, essential for maturation, takes place in their historic cellars, housing over 1,400 casks and majestic oak tuns.

The distillery is located in Lannepax, the family's home village. Distillation, an essential and fascinating stage, usually takes place in the dead of winter. Maison Delord stands out as one of the few Armagnac houses to use both distillation methods. Their two stills, including a historic "Sier" still from 1900, are perfect for the production of old Armagnacs. The aging process in their cellars is rigorous, guaranteeing the preservation of Armagnac eaux de vie dating from the 20th century to the present day. The most precious vintages are carefully preserved in Bonbonne, in a room nicknamed Le Paradis.

Opt forArmagnac Delord, a taste experience steeped in history, tradition and innovation.

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